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       FOSHAN RESONANCE AUDIO EQUIPMENT CO..LTD Which founded in 2007 year, stand up depending on our advanced technology and also focus research. Since seven years, RESONACE have trained one group of professionals with modern consciousness and the high sense of responsibility. We moved to new plant with nearly 5000 square meter in 2013 year, already Established a complete production processes, equipped with first-class auto plug-in machines reflow soldering machines, wave soldering machines, etc; we are the professional amplifier designer and manufacturer of supplying global services. Meanwhile spare no efforts to provide innovative products with intellectual property right for customers from all over the world by fast & high quality service.

        RESONANCE has a professional audio talented team who dedicate at audio research, depending on its own talents technology superiority, RESONANCE had established the long-term, stable cooperation relationships of OEM, ODM with domestic & overseas famous brand enterprises for many years, selling RESONANCE manufactured designed products worldwide.


       To meet the increasing higher demand for performance of professional amplifier, RESONANCE will reinforce technology fruit, accelerating creation, integrating resource and releasing the productivity and technological superiority farthe, providing every customer the most professional, most high-tech products and most meticulous services.


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