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2019-06-24 09:22
1. Mobile phone horn Tablet horn has two binding posts (two leads). When a single speaker is used, the two pins are not divided into positive and negative polarity. When multiple speakers are used at the same time, the two pins have polarity. .
2. Mobile phone horn Tablet horn has aluminum film, transparent film, paper film, its color is usually black, also white.
3. The shape of the mobile phone horn tablet horn has several major categories such as round, square and oval.
4. The back of the mobile phone horn tablet horn diaphragm is a magnet. When the outer magnetic horn uses a metal screwdriver to touch the magnet, it will feel the presence of magnetism; the inner magnetic horn does not have this feeling, but there is a magnet inside the outer casing.
5. The mobile phone speaker tablet speaker is mounted on the machine panel or inside the movement.

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